For the fifth consecutive year, we have rural tourism, and the time has surprised us more !!
The Tower is simply stunning, and the estate gardens, the peace that breathes s’h worth it.
The children have enjoyed more than ever, playing in castles and pricnceses, and we have enjoyed fruitful one weekend.
Highly recommended if you want to leave and do normal things and enjoy authentic as the people of Tavertet.


Thank you John and Peter for your kindness.

Berta, Marc, Júlia i Pau.


“We celebrate 80 years of my father. We went there twelve more the dog. Not only we had a great, but we greatly enjoyed the house is beautiful. And around an authentic past. It could have choose the best place for a celebration like this. it was raining cats and dogs but and so there was nothing that we liked or made us feel uncomfortable.”

will repeat

“All very well, we were three families with children, and the truth is that we hope to repeat soon.


“We’ve been at Finca de la Torre Valley, where there is also Refuge, a house smaller than the tower but super-comfortable.
There is a garden to the rear exit where children have not stopped for a moment and the children also enjoyed very much. The house ideal for children, because the house is on one level and is very comfortable.
Tavertet is a delightful town, dreamed as a Pixapins nosaltres_ :), the environment and everything is very nice, and 15 min walk to a nice way to get poble.Gràcies with Joan and by Maïna good advice and happiness houses !! What envy😉 !!

Salvador Garcia