Environment - Tavertet - La Torre de la Vall


“La Torre de la Vall” belongs to Tavertet a picturesque and quiet village, with an attractive village, consisting mostly of the seventeenth century houses, but we found some of the twelfth century and XIII. Tavertet is situated on a majestic cliffs, very soprenents with a view of the Guillerías and Sau. All of this Tavertet a single village, which has been declared of National Interest by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Tavertet is one of the towns that make up Collsacabra which include Rupit Squirrel and Cantonigròs, and is one of the most beautiful places in Catalonia where you can enjoy the many trails, either on foot or mountain bike.



There are many activities to do such as hiking, biking, caving, horseback riding, climbing, slums, flew balloons, etc…

Anigami Adventure 938 51 24 11
Viatges Alemany (Balloons)



Osona compta amb una de les cuines més importants del nostre país, amb tradició i qualitat reconegudes. Us recomanem algun dels restaurants que hi podreu trobar.

A Tavertet hi teniu:

Faves Comptades 938 52 50 30

Can Baumes 938 56 52 07
Cal Baró 931 03 50 05
Can Miquel 938 56 50 83
Can Nogué 938 56 52 51

Near Tavertet we recommend:

Ca L’Ignasi 938 52 51 24
Ca la Laia 938 52 51 24